Towel Exchange Program

Our Specialized Towel Exchange Programs:

  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • Build Customer Loyalty
  • Bring in New Customers


The Towel Exchange Program provides a high-quality terry cloth towel. The customer simply purchases a towel and then every time they visit the wash they can exchange it for a clean one at no additional charge. The program is perfect for driveway washers who like to be hands-on in the wash process by allowing them to dry their own vehicle.


For the best deal on quality towels and a complete program contact us at (800) 872-8695.



Every time I have placed an order from they always deliver the exact same design, color, and quality of towels that last a long time. It's consistently the best deal on the highest quality towel.
Kevin Detrick
Sparkle Car Wash

$10,000 Every Month, on The First, In Your Bank Account With The Free Towel Program.

Read below how a successful Free Towel Program should generate $10,000, and more, every month to stabilize your car wash business.  How exciting to those checks come tumbling in each month!

Special Towel Program To Help Increase Sales And Your Customer Base For Exterior & Express Car Washes.

Provide a high-quality towel for every customer who wishes to add the finishing touches to their vehicle. Charge them $3.00 only one time. They take the towel home with them and when they return they exchange the soiled towel for a new clean one at no cost to them Provide a high-quality window towel injected with Hot Glass® Window Cleaner Charge them $3.00 only one time. They take the towel home with them and when they return they exchange the soiled towel for a new clean one with the Hot Glass® Window Cleaner in the towel at no cost to them.

Now they always have special towels to clean the body of the car and polish the windows, and even be able to clean the interior console and dash. This program will bring them back again and again. The word of mouth service with some advertising will bring you many more customers.

This program has been tested and proven by an outstanding car wash operator who has found incredible success with it.

Two offers to add when you initiate the program:

When a customer elects to buy a towel your greeter should tell them the following:

  1. “The towel is free if you choose one of our monthly unlimited programs. Not only that, but today’s car wash is free as well”
  2. Post on your website or in local advertising the following:
    Sign up for one of our monthly programs in the month of XXXX and we will give you our best express car wash worth XXXXXX free with a special towel to clean your windows and the body of your vehicle free every time you wash your car with our exchange program. This offer is for the month of XXXX only.

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