Towel Humidor


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Patent # 7,793,373 USA

Window Towels are kept.
• Moist
• Warm
• Filled with Hot Glass – Window Cleaning
• Holds Moisture and Hot Glass for 9 Hours
• All Above helps for better and Polished Windows

El Humidor electronically controls the moisture and temperature in a sealed box holding 60 pre-treated, ready-to-use cleaning window or body towels. Towels are pre-injected automatically with window cleaner and a bactericide to prevent foul odor accumulation and minimize towel rotting, and remain moist for long periods of time before being put into use. Extensive tests at car washes have proven that the product keeps pre-injected towels at the correct level of moisture to provide uniformly effective cleaning power without the need for re-treatment. Car wash owners and operators can reduce training time and supervision of operating staff, thereby improving operating margins while ensuring customer satisfaction.