Make Your Fortune Washing Cars


The daringness to enter any business requires courage first. What makes car washing an interesting line of business is that car washing is fun, challenging, and stimulating. It will also lead the entrepreneur to a life of continuous education. That’s why author Ira Feinberg shares his book, Make Your Fortune Washing Cars, to teach budding entrepreneurs and veteran car washers how to successfully operate a car wash business – and keep it profitable.

This book allows readers to first analyze his or her education, qualifications, and motivations for going into his or her own business. It describes the car wash industry, specifically the different types of car washes that one may want to operate and own. Chapter by chapter, it instructs readers exactly how to find, buy, and develop the business. A comprehensive and extensive read, it covers every area of the car wash business from maintenance to advertising and provides measuring models and templates to ensure progress is being made.

It moves the reader through all the stages of buying, selecting a location, employing workers, and installing the right equipment for one of the four types of car washes existing today. It will show readers how to measure their progress daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It will offer ideas that will stimulate their creativity to constantly improve their final product: a clean shiny car.

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