H2055 Front Load Commercial Washer

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The 55-pound Pro-Series Washer-Extractor.

FREE – 1yr Phone-based Technical Support ($500 Value)

More than 90% of the costs associated with laundry room productivity can be positively impacted by Continental’s Pro-Series High Performance Washers*. Here’s how:

Labor (50-60%) Labor is the single largest cost of an on-premise laundry!
– Quick installation allows for immediate production, virtually no time is lost.
– High G-force extraction reduces time lost due to bottlenecks created at the dryer, as well as shorter wash cycle times.
– Features on the PM Control such as auto programming and delayed start can significantly reduce labor expenses.

Linen Replacement (8-12%)
– Reduced dry time due to high G-force extraction decreases linen damage and resulting linen replacement costs.
– The controllable wash time feature on the PM Control protects linen from unnecessary processing and chemical exposure, further increasing linen life.

Chemicals (7-10%)
– The thermostatically controlled temperature and programmable fill levels using the PM Control allow you to control wash variables that can significantly reduce chemical consumption and cost.

Utilities (7-10%)
– High G-force extraction reduces dry time and therefore cuts the utility consumption associated with drying.
– Programmable fill levels and no-sump design reduce water/sewer volume and related costs.

Equipment Replacement (6-9%)
– The soft-mount design and suspension system reduce the amount of stress on the machine, therefore increasing the life of the washer.
– Reduced dry time dramatically extends the life of drying tumblers.

Other (4-7%) Maintenance, Insurance, Financing
– No on-going maintenance concerns relating to anchor bolts and concrete.
– The PM Control provides self diagnostics for easy servicing.
– Continental’s 5/3 year limited warranty assures operational cost control.