History is a place to find anything you need to buy, sell or acquire knowledge and advice on any aspect of the broad car wash industry. It will bring to you the latest technology, equipment, chemicals, laundry systems and towels of every description and type. Thirty eight years of an outstanding innovative history, is your unique source for everything about car washing and detailing.


Panaram International is a New Jersey based distributor and manufacturer specializing in car wash laundry systems and auto detailing supplies, the buying and selling of existing car wash businesses, and consulting work in improving the marketing and profitability of any type of car wash business. Through its unique products and systems, Panaram has raised the bar in providing customers with a higher level of service and quality.

Our Mission:

  • Help you buy the best at the most competitive price found anywhere
  • Provide you with many choices
  • Work with you and your organization to secure the solution to your demands

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