Don't just take it from us, hear what others have to say about the Crystal Clear System!

Car’l B. Klean Car Wash started using your “Crystal Clear Window Cleaning System” in September of 2006. Setting up our window-cleaning program necessitated a rather small investment on my part. However, the return on that minimal investment has been huge

Since Initiating the program, we are consistently producing dear, dean windows with ZERO customer complaints in the past three months! Our staff has been relieved of carrying quart-sized spray bottles to carrying a few lightweight micro fiber towels washed with Hot Glass cleaner. The window-cleaning task is performed faster, easier and with much better results. There is, with any new program, a learning curve of equipment, product and process. You did an excellent job of helping us set up both the equipment and product Will our Continental washer. You were responsive to my phone oils to ensure our process wash working correctly. 'thank you for a terrific program!

Joseph Reding - President
Salem, OR
I would like you to know how happy I am with the machines I purchased from you almost a year ago for my full service car wash. Like you said, they have virtually eliminated the use of squirt bottles and have eliminated the need for a “Laundry Person” full time.

The machines are simple to use with the pre-set programs for each type of towel. And the in-line heater in the one
machine sure comes in handy for the window towels. The automatic injection works great and
it is easy to adjust.

I am equally impressed with the support you provide in times of need. An electrical problem
caused the machines to lose their memory one day and were un-usable you walked us through
the re-programming after providing us with the necessary data from the manufacture. and
continued to check in with me for the next couple days to be sure I was OK. Its hard to put a
price on that kind of service. You can be sure when we build our next wash we will be using
your machines again.

Rehobeth, DE

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