Train Your Cashiers

Your cashier could add significant income to your car wash business. At present she or he may be just punching a computerized cash register, which in itself is very critical in controlling funds from sales of car washing and such.

But,if you follow and execute the idea that the cashier can play another critical role you are on your way to achieving a massive change in marketing of your extra services, and the sale of impulse items.

Here’s what you will need to do: Think of your cashier as a salesperson. A salesperson rewarded on a commission basis for each sale consummated.

Train the cashier to sell your extra services, books of carwash tickets, gift certificates, and specialty impulse items. Create a store that is managed by the cashier that she considers her personal store in which every sale is a credit to her efforts. Each week have her introduce one unique product to market in the store. Each week have her market an extra service that you want to introduce to your clients. Bear in mind that each successful sale she makes make create ten or more of the same to that customer over the life of the customers visits to your carwash. Now the rest is up to you if you have absorbed this potentially great income producer. Be generous with the commissions, and you will reap dedication and motivation for the cashier’s success, and money in your pocket that you never dreamed was there.

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