Crystal Clear Users – Improve Your Process

Improve your window cleaning by becoming aware of the following:

Your towels may lose there moisture if not kept in a closed container and they fail to effectively do their job of cleaning and polishing your windows. If your towels do lose their moisture after a few hours of standing around refresh them by washing them anew. Of course if you are very busy the chances are that your towels will not lose any moisture at all before they are used.

Always keep them in your cooler with the cover on. In the bottom of the cooler place a very wet moist bath towel. Place your window towels on top of the wet towel and close the container. Moisture from the wet towel will fill the cooler with moisture and help keep your towels moist and ready to use. In the summer time or when the weather is extremely hot use a second towel on top of the towels you have placed in the cooler. Now the moisture will be increased from two directions.

If you are not getting consistently clean windows, or you see some streaking, call us and we will diagnose the problem and help you to solve the problem in a number of ways. We now have a few hundred Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Users, and we have our trouble shooting down to a science. Call Leo or Ira at 1-800-872-8695 and we will work with you until you fully satisfied and you are achieving the perfect windows we promised you.

We are always working to improve our system. If you have any suggestions to help us, call us and we will be most eager to hear your ideas which we will relay to all the other users. Thank you.

Ira A Feinberg, The Dean Of Clean, 40 years of dedication and innovation for the car wash industry.

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