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Family Operated for 50 Years

Priding ourselves in being a women-owned, as well as family-owned company, we have offered quality products with incomparable service for the past 50 years.

Car Wash World is a division of Panaram International. We offer some of the highest quality, most affordable premium American-Made towels, Continental Girbau washing machines, parts, and industrial Cleaning Supplies for your business. Car Wash World can cover your car wash needs.

When you spend close to 40yrs in the Car Wash Industry and have cleaned over 2 million cars, you learn a thing or two about washing cars. Ira Feinberg, The Dean Of Clean, has spent the last thirty-nine years involved in every aspect of the Car Wash Industry from owning and operating a chain of full-service car washes, giving seminars for operators, consulting for numerous car wash clients, designing unique systems to clean and detail cars, establishing the first school to train car wash operators.

Towel Exchange Program

The customer simply purchases a towel and then every time they visit the wash they can exchange it for a clean one at no additional charge.

The program is perfect for driveway washers who like to be hands-on in the wash process by allowing them to dry their own vehicle.

Crystal Clear Window System

The Crystal Clear Perfect Window System ELIMINATES these complaints by producing perfectly clean windows. It can save you thousands a year!

Service Manuals​

Browse our catalog of service manuals for our Continental Girbau Washers and Dryers.

Make Your Fortune Washing Cars​

This book allows readers to first analyze his or her education, qualifications, and motivations for going into his or her own business.

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