Windows are the number one complaint in the car wash industry. Customers expect their windows to be as clean and spotless as the rest of their car.

The Crystal Clear Perfect Window System produces perfectly clean windows. And, it reduces waste, saving you thousands of dollars a year over your current wasteful setup! (Read more...)


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Here’s a program that is guaranteed to increase your sales, bring in new customers, and maintain your regular customers. Beat the competition and offer a unique service:
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From Ira Feinberg, the Dean of Clean

When you spend close to 40yrs in the Car Wash Industry and have cleaned over 2 million cars, you learn a thing or two about washing cars. Ira Feinberg, The Dean Of Clean, has spent the last thirty-nine years involved in Car Wash Guruevery aspect of the Car Wash Industry from owning and operating a chain of full service car washes, giving seminars for operators, consulting for numerous car wash clients, designing unique systems to clean and detail cars, establishing the first school to train car wash operators… (Read more…)

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